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Our Process

Is also partnered with a number of OT programs with OT students as graduates 

If you are unsure if OT could support your child, please contact us and we are happy to answer all questions directly and help determine if a formal evaluation is recommended. If you would like to proceed with starting OT with KiddoTherapy here is what the process looks like. 

Ste 1: Insurance

Step 1

Verify Insurance or Payment of Services 

Step 2: Referral Form from your doctor 

Step 1

Fax to 650-560-2530 [Most insurance plans require this and if not you can skip to step 3. 

Step 3: Intake emails from WebPT and Global [If appropriate]. 

Step 1

If pursuing Telehealth - set up TheraPlatform. If in person, TheraPlatform will not be setup. 

Step 4

Send form and documentation from school or other evaluations to

Step 5: Schedule evaluation 

Step 4

Courtney will coronate and accurate family schedule as best as possible. 

Step 6: Appointments

Step 4

If ongoing therapy is recommended - Schedule these appointments. 

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